Team Vintage Eats

Team Vintage Eats

Jen Ede

Jen is the Founder, Maniacal Bulochka Eater, and Project Manager of The Vintage Eats Project. Vintage Eats was born in October of 2009, when Jen switched her Twitter handle on a whim. When she finally sat down to hammer out what, exactly, her views were on food, she slowly began to realize that her interest was multifaceted – deeply steeped in culture, language, history, and the environment.  Jen considers herself a bit of a culinary orphan, a feeling that compels her to always seek out new food experiences and to dig deep to understand the old. When she’s not in the kitchen, she can usually be found antiquing or trawling the Intarwebs for vintage cookbooks – turn of the century to pre-WWII preferred. Jen is also convinced that she may have been one of Captain Frederick Pabst’s children in her former life. Why else would she feel so at home at the Pabst Mansion?

Cole Peterson

Cole’s design studio, Cole Denver Designs, is The Vintage Eats Project’s official photographer. He is a student studying in the field of architecture, with a passion for art and design, who believes in making the world we live in beautiful; from the home we live in, the cars we drive, and the products we use daily. The lion’s share of the photos on this blog are Cole’s, and we’re thankful for his keen eye and great photography and editing skills.

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