Modern menu building on a budget – step 3: build yourself a template

“It is best to look at the three meals of the day and balance them as a unit against yesterday’s or tomorrow’s meals. No longer do we try to balance each meal separately. This is where the intelligent meal planner shows [his]her skill as a nutritionist.”

– Foods: Their Nutritive Economic and Social Values, 1938

For your next trick, you’re going to learn how to incorporate the pantry and fridge items you inventoried last time into a coherent weekly menu. Remember our first post on your eating habits?

We’re going to assume that you’re a three square + three snack kind of eater and that you plan to eat food you make at home four times a week. Draw yourself a diagram like so –

Week of x Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Before bed              

Now add your inventoried food to the bottom. Next, we’ll learn to shop for the additional items that’ll make up the meat and potatoes, so to speak, of your menu.

Grab the sales flyers from your local supermarket/co-op, start looking around at your local farmer’s market, and tune in to our next post!

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