At Pete and Jen’s

Hey all! Jen here, writing to you on this balmy Wednesday evening from the Bean. I hear from my Midwestern kin that temperatures hit just shy of 100 degrees the other day. Guh. Hellish. But with the heat comes the produce, and I hope that you’re enjoying all of the bounty that’s coming in from the farmland to your city.

The Union Square Farmer’s Market opened up this past weekend, and the Dewey Square Market (three skips away from the building where I work) started running last week as well. The veggies are coming in and I, for one, can’t stop eating all the Hadley grass and radishes… I think it’s almost a compulsive fear that soon we’ll be back to all root vegetables again.

But this fear is irrational. The local farmers just keep on giving awesome produce and protein, and we are thrilled to continue to give them our support. Last Friday, as we mentioned in our previous post, we made a special trip out to check out the happenings at Verrill Farm (scheduling fail: they were closed) and Pete and Jen’s.

Here’s how we got there:

Strangely enough, after months of talking motorcycles with the roommate and another biker enthusiast friend, a Honda Shadow just happens to purr into my life. I’m a month away from a motorcycle safety course over at Bunker Hill Community College, then we’ll see about getting me a vintage motorcycle of my very own. But for now, I’m really enjoying the ride from the back of this bike. And appreciative of the fact that this bike took me all the way out to Concord.

At any rate, Pete and Jen’s strikes us as particularly up Project Vintage Eats’ alley, because at their farm store, they operate in a way that you used to see pretty often in the old days, but not too much today: they use the honor system. Through this little door, you see…

Seasoned salts, directions to the eggs, meats and produce, soap, envelopes for checks, a calculator, stubby pencils! The honor system at its best.

In this small space, there are three refrigerators. One to the left of the above-pictured table, one to the right, and one directly in front. The one to the left had beautiful, free range organic eggs, plus pea tendrils, stalks of rhubarb and plastic tubs of lard – large and small. The one to the right was stocked to the brim with whole rabbits (soon… soon!), grass-fed beef, country style pork ribs, plus:

Yes, please. And also:

And finally, against the back wall:

So we picked up some grass-fed beef, which may or may not be consumed in a tartare fashion. We grabbed two ears and two tongues of the porcine persuasion. A tub of lard for bakin’.

This weekend we might begin cooking through the menu I described in Sunday’s post, but the salade de langue and the pirozhki are waiting a bit longer. We also might put the whole thing on hold and concentrate on those pig ears.. In any case, stay tuned!

Send us your recipes, chat with your Grandmas (Omas, Nonnas, Babushki), follow us on Twitter and please, become our fan on Facebook. A special thanks to Eugene Kolnick for the photos in this post and for the ride.

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  1. Great post, Jen! I love the photos and Pete & Jen’s old-fashioned honor system farm store.

  2. […] recipe amendment for calzones! We’ll write about holodets next time in a post wrapping up our visit to Pete and Jen’s and the menu inspired by […]

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