Initial Jaunt to Pete and Jen’s + Some Food for Thought

Happy Sunday morning, all! Jen here, sitting happily (no, really, I’m actually feeling rested) after a night of beer sampling at American Craft Beer Fest. Over 100 brewers came to represent over 500 brews at the Seaport World Trade Center here in Boston, and the hordes.. oh, the hordes of beer lovers. Someday I will rewrite my journey from lawnmower-y macro to hops madness, but today is not the day. Yesterday was totally the day to indulge in all things liquid, bitter, rich and malty. Today I am going back to work with the motley crew of kitchen rockers at Cuisine en Locale.

I know that we mentioned that we had a recipe post coming up today, but we are going to have to put that one in particular off until next weekend. The aforementioned gig came up, and beyond that, the person who inspired the menu isn’t available to eat it today. That person was available, however, to take me on a sourcing mission Friday night to Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds, where we picked up pig tongues, ears, some lard, and a package of grass-fed beef. Pics and description of Pete and Jen’s to come, courtesy of him.

Til we emerge again, I thought to pass along a couple of articles that trace how the food system has changed from the 1950s to today, and what kind of effects those changes have had on the health of our population. Follow this link to a breakdown of America – then and now –  in terms of obesity, portion sizes, and eating habits. Then head on over to the New York Times, where Mark Bittman describes how there is twice as much meat available per person today as there was fifty years ago and how, frankly, most of that meat doesn’t taste very good.

So take a gander at those and then, a sneak peak at the menu we developed for next weekend and the recipes we’ll be adapting. These things, as always, are subject to change – on a whim, on a deficit, upon discovery of something better, tastier or more in season..

Salade a la Macedoine, with Hadley asparagus
Tomatoes and eggs pardue – tomatoes, canned and gifted by my friend, Trevor Smith, eggs from my Stone Soup farm share
Spinach and tongue salad 
Pirozhki with mushrooms, ground meat – any foragers in the audience?
Tartelettes of strawberrries

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  1. […] protein, and we are thrilled to continue to give them our support. Last Friday, as we mentioned in our previous post, we made a special trip out to check out the happenings at Verrill Farm (scheduling fail: they were […]

  2. […] These two foods are real vintage eats to us, inspired by grandparents’ cooking. Read on for pirozhki and a spin-off recipe amendment for calzones! We’ll write about holodets next time in a post wrapping up our visit to Pete and Jen’s and the menu inspired by it. […]

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