SoWa Market and the Salad Course

Hey there, Jen here! Spring is upon us, and though the Golden Orb has been largely absent from the Boston area over the past few weeks, small green things are indeed growing and making their way to us city folk regardless. Sunday was farmer’s market day in the South End of Boston and the SoWa Vintage Market day as well, which meant vintage foodie adventures all around! The first (totally superfluous, TOTALLY WORTH IT) adventure stop was a floor lined with antiques, vintage and retro items, ranging from household goods (got my spice rack there) to spats to Mary Poppins bags. Do you all remember when Mary Poppins first comes on to the scene, with her huge carpet bag? She pulled a hat rack out of that thing, and that is, ladies and gentlemen, something I felt I could very easily do after I left the market that day. Resisting the beautiful leather bag from the 1930’s was futile, and it turned out to come in handy for all of the produce, meat and other goodies I ended up schlepping home on the Red Line.

The SoWa Farmer’s Market is smallish at the moment, with ten or twelve vendors selling herbs, seedlings, greens, various meats, prepared and baked goods. My first stop was to see Bianca at Silverbrook Farm, an organic operation producing vintage eats since 1690. Bianca had these beautiful bunches of radishes all piled up and told me right away that I should take some – that they were perfect for a little French breakfast. There was also mizuna and a saute mix, along with various seedlings and some prepared condiments as well. I took a cue from “Vaughan’s Vegetable Book (1919)”  which uses dandelion greens, and made the game day decision to pick up something a bit more peppery and woody. With Silverbrook’s produce, we put together this pretty Springtime salad consisting of mizuna, some radishes and raw asparagus in a sweet mustard vinaigrette:

Speaking of mustard, after hearing about Project Vintage Eats, Bianca very kindly threw in some sweet mustard that Silverbrook Farm makes on site. To dress four cups of mizuna, I used:

1 1/2 tsp sweet mustard
3 Tbsp good quality olive oil
1/2 Tbsp maple syrup
a squeeze of lemon
salt and pepper to taste

Whisk all of that together and you have a thick dressing that is lovely for dipping bread or dressing hearty greens. Garnish your salad with whole radishes and asparagus tops.

Photos by Cole Denver Designs, edited by me

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